Stephane’s home office – an Ikea project

During my years in Ikea I have participated in, and created, a number of home decoration designs. Unfortunately I am not allowed to show most of them in this portfolio. Nevertheless here is a project of a home office I created. This is the story I wrote as a starting base for the design:

One september day on the beach in Tarifa I met Stephane, a young architect who was born in Paris but lived in Madrid. It was cold in the wind, but the beach was irresistable with it’s colors, and it’s unusual calm. Stephane wore a grey wool jumper, slim black trousers, a sailor-striped scarf and round glasses. He looked like a modern version of the classic french man.
As he told me about his projects I couldn’t help but imagine him in a corner of his living room in Madrid surrounded by his favourite objects. A modern space, yet with a timeless touch, masculine, but with a young look. A functional place where he would create big and small projects and always look great.



Dream living room. – an Ikea project

December 2013. This is another Ikea Project, and part of the portfolio sent to the Ikea Interior Design Masterclass. I was asked to deliver in an idea for a dream living room, so I mixed my favorite Ikea pieces with some “friends”. This is the story I created as a base for the design:

“I want it to be like living in Tom Ford” said my friend Jennie with excitement when she hired me to design her living room. I immediately identified with the style. “Oh yes! Sophisticated, but cool, with high level of fashion and design”. “Strict… but with heart. “I am jealous” I exclaimed. “It sounds like my dream living room! Those parties you love to throw will become unforgettable! Let’s put a chimney in the middle, giving warmth to the both the dining area and the relax area. We will use sophisticated furniture and the colors will be a mix of strict and cute. Jennie, you will love “our” dream living room!



Loft in Madrid – February 2011

Home of Noelia and Aymar. She is an entrepreneur, he is an artist. The objective was to transform a cold and complicated space into a warm and enjoyable loft. She needed a place to work, he needed a place to exhibit his art, and they both wanted a space to entertain. Do not miss the “before” photos at the bottom!

In order to appreciate the change, please look at the “before” photos.

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Decoracción anual exhibition in Madrid, 2010 edition.

“Mudanza” (“The move”), art and design installation on the façade of Vinci Soho Hotel in Madrid. The curtains are made of more than 2000 meters of red corrugated tube, held together by 16 meters of brass bars. We have created a “move” on a vertical scene by introducing furniture covered by blankets and held by ropes and pulleys.


Academic projects – IADE Design School, Madrid

Some  of these school projects are individual, some of them are team projects. In all projects we were given  an empty floor plan and some requirements as a starting base. From there we had to deliver a full project within a strict deadline. In the portfolio I have excluded technical plans, only showing the creative part of the projects.


Project for Juanjo Oliva, individual project,  june 2010.

Front page of project

Front page of project

Boutique, workshop and personal residence for spanish fashion designer Juanjo Oliva. The design is inspiered by the sixties art movement called Op Art (Optical art).

When the viewer looks at op art works, the impression is given of movement, hidden images, flashing and vibration, patterns, or alternatively, of swelling or warping. I wanted the boutique to have a side to it that would not go unnoticed, hence that front view, but in order not to saturate the visitor the view from the back is made white to give the eye some rest.

For a better understanding the project please look at the presentation collages where you will find the floor plans.

Presentation collage for the boutique of fashion designer Juanjo Oliva

Presentation collage for the boutique of fashion designer Juanjo Oliva

Presentation collage for basement studio of fasion designer Juanjo Oliva

Presentation collage for basement studio of fasion designer Juanjo Oliva




Mercado de la Paz, March 2010. Award winning project! 2ond price in Porcelnosa design Competition.

A project done in a a team of four people

A project done in a a team of four people

In the heart of the Madrid neighborhood called “Barrio Salamanca” there is an old, emblematic food market called Mercado de la Paz. We were asked to propose a design to renovate the classic old market. The designs were to enter a competition, so originality was a main focus.

We decided to go for the concept of a Spanish fifties- style comic book called “Tebeo”, creating a fun and space that reflects the local popular culture. The stands in the market are designed like comic strips, the light fixtures are like speech bubbles and the market signs are made to express dialogues and thoughts.

1st of 2 collages made for the jury

1st of 2 collages made for the jury

Collage made for the jury

Collage made for the jury



Bakery in Mercado de la Paz, March 2010. Team project

This particular stand is a bakery located in the Mercado de la Paz. It actually sticks out of the façade so it is partly outdoors. We have played with a “biting effect” on the counter, making a playful wink at the comic book theme of  the market. In that over size “bite” is the display of breads and pastries.




Spa Project, March 2009. Award winning project! Winner of “Most innovative design”, Interior design competition “Ceramics of Spain” by ASCER.

The inspiration for the design comes from the idea of energy flows that are created in a spa; rounded shapes, light cicuits, glossy finish with a futuristic look.




Nursery Project, december 2009.

A nursery for children aged 0 – 3 years, with the pinball game as an inspirational theme. The design is playful and modern with special enphasis on rounded shapes, the diagonal line, and transparent, glossy materials. Colour plays a special role in creating an exciting interior. We chose to work with purple, green and orange, alternating the colour saturation to create a sense of movement. Team work with María Pérez and Daniel Payá.